Lipitor Erythromycin, I'm sitting at the house I've been staying at for the past semester.... All of my things are quasi-packed in my car and I'm just waiting for Paul, my roommate/landlord to come back from work so we can have a proper good-bye. He came in late last night after spending a week all over the east coast for work.

Anyways, last night I came home contemplating the entire weekend. For the most part, I had a good time, but there were times throughout the weekend I felt really shitty.

While hanging out with my straight friends, a fantasy popped into my head, Lipitor Erythromycin. I started to imagine myself having someone I would call my boyfriend with me, being at Greg's graduation party. All cuddling, Lipitor Erythromycin ebay, being together, having my friends go awe, aren't you two cute? Then reality hit me. No boyfriend (now nor ever had one), no soulmate, nobody to call my own. I started to feel slighlty depressed. Lipitor Erythromycin, But with the help of the kegstands and the couple of Tanq and Tonics I had, I became a happy drunk (I'm never angry or depressed when I'm drunk for some reason).

Throughout the rest of the weekend, I would think about how other friends of mine would hit it off right away with other people, and in some cases hit it off with several people without a hitch. Here I am, pretty much trying to do the same thing, but not getting the same results, 100mg Lipitor Erythromycin. Which begs to question that question I always ask about myself... What's wrong with me.

Despite asking myself that question, I'm remaining optimistic, Lipitor Erythromycin. I guess I've been feeling a little bit jealous that some have it way easier than I do. I'm not mad at the others... I just wish I could get the same luck too.

Also not helping is the fact that for some strange reason, I attract freaks... Lipitor Erythromycin, Jehovah's Witness boy from Walnut Creek tried calling me a few times last week. First time was last Sunday night while I was @ KoC (10:50p). Second time was when I was taking a final. Third time was when I was at Greg's party on Saturday night (10:30p). First off, Lipitor Erythromycin australia, if you want to talk to me, talk to me at a normal time (like when I'm probably at home, not when I'm out being social). Second, show your fucking number, Lipitor Erythromycin. Another freak is some 18 year old from Fremont. He's still in high school, but his end of the conversation seems to be that of a ninth grader. Nate's rhetoric's way better that that and he's the same age.

I understand that physical attraction plays a role in being interested in a guy, but I guess I'm in the miniorty to think that I value personailty more, especially when it comes to first impressions. Lipitor Erythromycin, Which I guess goes back to the question posed earlier... Am I that hidious that a lot of guys won't even approach me. Sometimes I feel like I'm a lepoard or something, because of the nasty looks or single word reponses I get from guys I just want to know, Lipitor Erythromycin paypal. I know most of the time, it's an attribute of myself that is the cause of this negative response, but Christ... I'm not like the fucking rest of them. Would you just look deeper for once and truly see, Lipitor Erythromycin.

Ok, I feel like this post has turned into just rambling so I'll end it now... It may seem that I'm really down and shit, but I'm only slightly down. Again, I just wish things were better for me, instead of having to go above and beyond my way to make myself noticed. Lipitor Erythromycin overseas, Wish me luck as I move back up to Hercules for the summer. 1220, White Horse, or even SF anybody??. All are within 15-25 minutes away from Hercules and I need to find an excuse to NOT be there!.

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